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Ever since Apple released iOS 8.1, GB4iOS, the popular game emulator, has been virtually unusable. But now it has been renamed to Delta Emulator . Unlike its predecessor, Delta Emulator will be able to emulate several different games consoles, such as the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64, and Super Nintendo. The developer says that more consoles will be added in the future after the emulator has gone live. Delta Emulator is also available on Emus4U app

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In the meantime, you can download the Delta Emulator app onto your iOS and android directly.

How to Download Delta Emulator :

There are three methods to download Delta Emulator, all the methods are explained below.

Method 1 : Safari Browser [ Easy Method ]

  1. Open the safari browser on your iOS device [ this method will only work with Safari, no other browser ] 
  2. Go the address bar and type in or use this ( alternate link )delta emulator
  3. Our specially designed website will load up; when it does, tap on the UP arrow [  top or the bottom of the screen ] 
  4. A new window will appear with a list of options , tap on Add to Home Screen 
  5. Now you need to give your app icon a new identity so type in Delta and tap on Add 
  6. Wait for the process to complete and then close Safari down
  7. The Delta Emulator app icon will be on one of your home screen .
  8. Tap on this app to get instant access to the latest Delta Emulator app updates. 

Video: This video demonstrates these steps

Method 2: Emus4U App

This is a little more advanced and success depends on you following the steps as written:

  1. Open Safari browser and then open this link and download the Emus4U app.
  2. On the page that opens, look for the link that says Install Directly to iOS Device and tap on it – this is what lets the profile install
  3. Your Settings app will open on the profile page, tap Install Profile and type your passcode in
  4. Wait for Safari to open again and then tap the Install Delta Emulator link
  5. Tap Install to confirm and your Settings app opens once more 
  6. Tap on, in order as the pages load, Install > Next > Done  
  7. When Delta Emulator has finished installing, you can start using it

If Delta Emulator has not installed correctly, go back over these steps carefully

Method 3: Android Only

While Android users have a more flexible platform, they still can’t jailbreak which means they still can’t install modified ++ apps or paid apps for free and they certainly can’t get games emulators and play console games on their devices. With support for Android devices, Delta emulator gives then some of that for free, so they can see what iOS users have been taking advantage of for years. Click the link and find out how to download Delta Emulator Android .

Popular Delta Emulator Game :

  • Pokémon Go

One of the most downloaded games from app stores everywhere is Pokémon Go but it is missing a few features that make the user experience more worthwhile. Pokémon Go++ has those features, including lots of extra settings, the ability to move quickly between drive, walk and cycle, being able to catch the Pokémon without leaving home, and lots more. For more information and a Pokémon Go ++ download guide, click the linked post

Stop Delta Emulator from Crashing :

Delta Emulator is a great app installer, but it will stop working after a few days. Apple doesn’t like unofficial apps, those that are not from the iOS app store and so they will revoke the certificate. Delta Emulator will crash and so will any apps you downloaded. Stopping that from happening is simple, install NessTool and keep Delta Emulator running for as long as you want it. Find out how it works by clicking on the link and following the NessTool [ext link] download instructions.

Delta Emulator Alternative :

  • Emus4U

If Delta Emulator doesn’t suit you, there are alternatives and Emus4U is another installer that is aimed at those missing their games emulators. It has some different emulators to Delta and also has lots of modified apps and games, other jailbreak tweaks and lot more besides. Click on the given link to find out what it has and how to download Emus4U [ext link].

Delta Emulator will be welcomed by many people who are missing being able to play their favorite console games on their iPhones or iPads. Deleting Delta Emulator if you are not satisfied with its performance is also possible. Just follow our simple 2 minute tutorial for deleting Delta Emulator from your iOS device.

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  1. I loved GBA4iOS , and now i Love Delta Emulator. The interface is really improved , much better then the previous emulators i have so far .

  2. I love you Delta Team. Downloaded on my iPad. Working fine , but since its still in beta , have some glitches . Will post pictures soon.

  3. Never seen any iOS emulator that works so well in its first beta release. All games that i love are working without any problem. Download completed in first try itself.

    1. How did you download it? I have the delta app in my phone but I dont know hot to play or download the games from..etc Help please

  4. Did multiple times. I’ve installed and used GBA4ios before so I know the steps are almost the same minus the date trick and authorize the profile.

    This method is much easier for downloading Delta Emulator.

  5. Ok, I read that it was going to be finally released on january in a comment of the emulator team. Is there an final date????

  6. I am on IOS 10.2, and when I follow the steps, i can download Delta app on my home screen but white screen when I click it. Is this only me, or will it be fixed ?

  7. I’m on iOS 10.2.1, and those steps seem work fine for me on my iPhone … When I install on iPad , it doesnt work. I am so sad. I need large screen gaming .

  8. That is awesome. I installed Delta emulator beta version and it works great on my iPhone already. Cant wait for the full version release next month . Hope it is quick !!!

  9. I downloaded the delta emulator app, But i cant play games like Pokemon or mario. When I click on the app, I just go to the delta emulator settings page…. Help?

    1. Yes , first in the settings page you have to select your device model number. When selected correctly it will download patch from delta source and restart your device. Now your device is ready to download all free games and apps. Also try Tutuapp

  10. have done all the steps, the app icon has already on my phone home and when I click it, it opens delta emulator app where i can directly play the games. its so easy man !!!

  11. Good night! I can not install the application, both by .ipa and by the site, as you teach, what can I do? I have an iPhone 6 with ios 10.3.3.

  12. As of Sep, this doesn’t work for me. I am on iOS 10.3.3. I know this is in beta, but I am disappointed by the lack of a new emulator to play. Please make a fix soon.

  13. Have updated my iPhone 7+ to most recent software but am unable to get this followed instructions and everything it’s not working.

  14. This makes no sense it doesn’t tell you how the emulator works it says this will give you the updates but I want the actual emulator so I can play old school final fantasy games n Pokémon games so how do I get the emulator and games and how does it work what this does brings me back to the page right before it tells me how to download it like what!!??

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