We now know that GB4iOS, the popular emulator app, is dead. It was patched with the release of iOS 8.1 and, although the developer struggled on, finding new ways for us to download it, he has finally conceded defeat and ended it. However, all is not lost because he has come up with a new app called Delta Emulator [ about ]. It does exactly the same in allowing us to download emulators to play our favorite console games but it will emulate more consoles than its predecessor did. Right now, Delta is in a closed beta program, undergoing testing, before it can be released for public use but we shouldn’t have to wait too long before it is.

Image : Beta Release of Delta Emulator

There is one way that you can download the beta version of Delta Emulator onto your iOS device but, because it is a closed beta program we cannot guarantee that this is going to work for everyone. Nevertheless, it will not do your device any harm to try the following steps; if it doesn’t work you can easily delete it.

Compatible Devices :

Delta emulator will work on the following devices on iOS 8 to iOS 10

  • iPhone
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad
  • iPad Pro
  • iPod Touch

How to Download Delta Emulator :

Here are three methods to get Delta Emulator, all the methods are explained below.

Method 1 : Safari Browser [ Easy Method ]

  1. Launch the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad [ no other browser will work ] 
  2. Go to 
  3. When the page has loaded, look for the UP arrow [ top or bottom of the page ] and tap on it  
  4. Choose Add to Home Screen from the list of options 
  5. Type Delta in when you are asked to name the icon . Then tap on Add and wait for the app icon to be added 
  6. Close down Safari and you will see the beta Delta Emulator app on your home screen 

Video: watch this video to see these steps

Method 2: Configuration Profile [ Advanced Method ]

Do follow the steps in the order they are written otherwise we cannot guarantee success:

  1. Launch Safari on your iPhone or iPad and then go to this [ link
  2. When the Delta page has opened, look for and tap on the link that Installs the profile to your iPhone or iPad
  3. Now Settings opens on your device, tap Install Profile
  4. If requested, input your passcode and Safari browser opens
  5. Tap Install Delta Emulator, tap on Install to confirm and Settings will open once more 
  6. Tap Install > Next > Done as each page opens 
  7. When the installation has finished you will see the Delta icon on your home screen and its ready to use 

If there is no Delta Emulator icon, then the above steps need to be repeated

Method 3: Android Only

Android users have always had more freedom when it comes to third party apps but not being able to jailbreak means missing out on a great deal of useful and fun content. Delta Emulator has support for the Android devices, so they too can download jailbreak tweaks, paid content for free, games emulators and lots more besides. A full guide on downloading Delta Emulator Android can be found at the link .

Popular Delta Emulator Game :

  • Pokémon Go 

Pokémon Go++ is a modified version of the popular app store app. Although it is nothing to do with the stock app, it contains all the usual features of that app plus a few more. With Pokémon Go++, you can find your Pokémon without leaving home, you can switch easily between drive, walk, and cycle, without leaving home and you can choose from lots more settings.

Fix Delta Emulator Crashing Issue :

Delta Emulator works well but it will stop working a few days after you install it. This is nothing to do with Delta Emulator: Apple isn’t a fan of unofficial apps and those that are not from the iOS app store will have their certificates revoked, so they crash. When Delta Emulator goes, so will all your apps and tweaks, leaving you needing to reinstall everything from scratch. Stopping this from happening is very easy; just download NessTool onto your device and protect your app certificates. Click on the link to find out how NessTool [ext link] does this.

Delta Emulator Alternative :

  • Emus4U

Delta Emulator is a comprehensive apps installer, but it might not have the emulator you are looking for. In that case, try Emus4U, another emulator-based installer that also contains lots of other content, including paid apps for free, modified ++ apps, other Cydia tweaks and a lot more besides. Check out the link to find out how to download and try Emus4U [ext link] today .

Useful Links :

Are you looking forward to trying Delta Emulator ? Many users will be pleased that they can now download and play their favorite console games on their iOS devices again, especially in the absence of a jailbreak for iOS 10.

Let us know if it worked for you and what you think of Delta Emulator. For more up to date tips and tutorials like this one, follow us on Facebook ; we’ll send the updates straight to your inbox.

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      1. My thoughts exactly, I got t to let me download an .IPA through the website, it was called Delta, but when I installed it with Cydia impactor it turned out to be gba4ios

  1. Does not work on ipod 5 , but don’t worry, i will wait until they patche it . Good job by the way, don’t give up, i am sure you will win against Apple this time 😉

    <3 😀

  2. Love the app so far! I’m eagerly awaiting GBC capabilities. My only complaint is that the app will crash after an unknown amount of time. It’s not frequent enough to warrant any immediate action, but it does make you think about saving frequently.

  3. It’s a lot later than they said. Too bad they have the dependency of apple when it comes to dates. Also gb4ios is still going strong, just not on their website go to ive been using it for a year no problems

  4. Wait,
    I want to download it but how,
    It’s September 17th,
    8 days from my birthday and close to the day I tried GBA4ios,
    Why should I switch?
    Will Gba4ios come off Iemulators?
    Will I still be able to download this?
    Will I be able to use Dropbox?
    Are you confident about the release and if you use Dropbox,
    Confident players data won’t be lost?

    Pls help
    I just need to know why I should switch over before going to trouble to download this.

  5. Download instructions 100% works. Secondary link never loads so I can’t download it that way. I have an iPhone 7+. and method 1 worked after 3 tries.

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