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We all know that only iOS devices can be jailbroken, whereas the Android devices cannot. Although Android devices are less restricted in what can be downloaded onto them, they are still missing out on a load of great apps and features that come with Cydia when a jailbreak is downloaded. One of the most popular types of app that is downloaded from Cydia is the Game Emulator and the best-known ones is GBA4iOS. Sadly, that has now gone but a brand new one called Delta Emulator, from the same developer, is set to take its place.

Image : Delta Emulator APK

Delta Emulator allows us to play console games that used to only be available on the Nintendo or Game Boy. As well as iOS user being able to download it, the APK file has now been made available to android users, which means they can take advantage of another great iOS app.

Image : Delta Emulator Android

How to Download Delta Emulator on Android

To get Delta Emulator on your Android device, you must download the Android APK. In case you weren’t aware, an APK is otherwise known as an application package file and these are used as a way of downloading apps and software onto Android devices. The APK is normally a zipped file that is based on the format JAR and it has a file extension of .apk. The easiest way to download an APK onto your Android device is to first download the file onto your computer and then unzip it. Email the .apk file to your own email address, open it on your Android device and download it

Let’s look at how to get the Delta Emulator APK onto your Android device:

  1. On your Android device, open Settings 
  2. Tap on Security and then tick the box beside Unknown Source Options [ do not skip this step as the APK will not run otherwise ] 
  3. Download the Delta Emulator APK onto your computer [ file ]
  4. Unzip the file and send the .apk to yourself via email
  5. Open that email on your device and download the attachment
  6. Find the file on your device, tap on it and install it
  7. Be patient as this will take awhile .Once the installation has completed, you can enjoy the benefits of Delta Emulator on your Android device 

It may seem like a complicated procedure but it isn’t and it should only take a few minutes. Let us know what you think of Delta Emulator for Android and, if you follow us on Facebook  , we’ll send all the latest news.

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  1. This is awesome. I can download beta version of Delta Emulator on my Android device , Samsung Galaxy S7 . works perfectly !!!

      1. Its at the bottom of the article where you see the steps. Or simply search APK by pressing cltr | cmd + F

      1. Thanks for updating the Delta APK File. Mine was not working for the past week. Now its working , no problem. Cheers !!!!

  2. We have something very similar but way better than jailbreak on Android. It’s called rooting, just in case you’ve never heard of it for some reason. We can install different ROMS if we wanted to.

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