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When you hear people talking about jailbreaking, they are referring to the act of breaking through the security chains that Apple puts in place on the iOS firmware. It allows us to modify our devices and download more features for stock and iOS app store apps. Jailbreaking is only for iOS devices and, while Android devices owners do have a little more freedom with their apps, they still don’t get all the great features that iOS owners get with Cydia. That is all about to change as a brand new app, called Delta Emulator, is now available for Android devices.

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Delta Emulator allows us to download and play games console games on our iPad or iPhone. The emulator is a replacement for GBA4ios, one of the most popular of all the jailbreak games emulators. Delta is in beta now but it can now be downloaded onto Android devoices using the Delta APK. The following guide walks you through how to do it .

Image : Delta Emulator on Android phone

Download Delta Emulator on Android :

  1. Open the Settings app on your Android device
  2. Tap on Security
  3. Locate where it says Unknown Source Options and make sure the box beside it has a check mark in it.
  4. Now download the Delta Emulator APK for android onto your tablet or smartphone
  5. Find the .apk file  [ Delta Emulator APK ] on your Android device and install it
  6. Don’t touch your phone or tablet while the .apk is installing [ it may take a few minutes, so be patient ]
  7. When it has finished, you will have access to all the great console games that the emulator supports, including Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, Nintendo 64, and Super Nintendo 

While it should all work properly, should you encounter any errors or problems with the Delta Emulator, simply delete it as you would any app on your Android tablet or phone and then follow the steps above to reinstall it

Delta Emulator is great news for iOS device owners as it doesn’t need a jailbreak to run and it is also great news for Android owner’s and they can do something new with their devices. Do let us know what your thoughts are on Delta Emulator and let us know if you run into trouble installing the APK onto your device.

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  1. Downloaded apk on my samsung galaxy S5 when installing the app installed was GBA4iOS an emulator already used by myself I was wondering if this is just an error or if the actual apk hasn’t been fully developed thanks in advance

  2. I have a samsung galaxy S8+ and when I try to install Delta on my phone it tells me to install Delta Emulator iOS Free. I don’t know if I did something wrong or if there’s a problem with the file… I look forward to your response. Thanks!

      1. I downloaded the .apk file and extracted it. Once I do and email it to myself, I install it on my phone and it downloads as My Boy! Free every time. Am I doing something wrong? Can we expect a video of this coming out soon to help out Android users? Thanks for your help and I look forward to a response!!

  3. I loved this emulator on the iOS and I wanted to get it for my 8s+ when I switched. So I wne to this cite bit I keep getting a my boy free when ever I downloaded the file am I screwing stuff up and if I am doing it right when do you think the fix will be implemented

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